The Convention of  

 The Baronage of Scotland 


The Standard

Rattray Standard

The standard is a long, narrow heraldic flag, 4 yards in length, with the saltire or the baronial arms in the hoist (against the flagstaff) and showing the baronís crest, or crest and badge, repeated several times in compartments divided by transverse ribands displaying his motto. The ground colour of the flag, often divided horizontally for its entire length, is composed of the livery colours, and it is split-ended, fringed in the same colours. This flag, if granted, will be described and painted in the baronial grant or matriculation. Shown above is the standard of Captain James Rattray of that Ilk.

Earl of Annandale Standard

This is the Earl of Annandale's which shows the saltire in the hoist.

Earl of Rothes Standard

This is the standard of the Earl of Rothes showing yet another variation.

The Guidon

Smollet of Bonhill Guidon

The guidon is similar in shape to the long, narrow standard - but shorter at 8ft in length which displays the crest in the hoist and has the motto running along its centre. It has a rounded end, and again it is fringed with the livery colours. The guidon has been granted as rallying flag for lairds who have a tail but are not of baronial status, although it has appeared on some baronsí grants. This is the guidon of David Telfor Smollet of Bonhill.