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 The Baronage of Scotland 


Flying Banners

The house flag or flying banner of a Scottish baron shows his arms over the entire surface, without crest or other ornamentation, and its size has been the subject of varied rulings by heraldic authorities over the years, but in practice this is determined more by location than armorial rules: the higher your tower, the bigger the flying banner. The flagpole is often topped with a carved chapeau. As a general rule, a banner 4ft X 4ft square is considered effective.


The banners above are from left to right Clerk of Penicuik, Innes of Edingight, Lockhart of the Lee, Carmichael of that Ilk, Gourlay of Kincraig and Newlands of Lauriston.
The banner is often wrongly called a "Standard".

The size (according to strict armorial rules) varies according to rank:

THE SOVEREIGN: 60 inches square
DUKES: 48 inches square
EARLS: 42 inches square
BARONS & FEUDAL BARONS: 36 inches square

The Prince of Wales' banner for Scotland (below left) was designed in 1974 by Sir Iain Moncrieffe of that Ilk in his capacity as Albany Herald.  The first and fourth quarterings of the banner - blue and white chequered band across a gold background - represent the Great Steward of Scotland. The second and third quarterings - a black galley with red flags on a white background - represent the Lord of the Isles. Superimposed in the centre is a small gold shield with the red Lion Rampant within a red Royal Tressure on it, charged with a blue label of 3 points. This represents the Dukedom of Rothesay.

Prince of Wales' BannerHillhouse Banner


A smaller version of the banner can be used as a parade banner and indicates the presence of the baron at gatherings, where it may be carried by his flag bearer. These two versions of the banner are the flags most frequently seen today, although neither is specifically described in any grant of arms from the Lord Lyon. Shown above (right) is the Parade Banner of Charles McKerrell of Hillhouse.

They are made of silk or satin or bunting at their owner’s choice and may be fringed or not. When so used, there are regulation sizes according to rank, not including any fringes, as follows:

PEERS: 48 inches wide x 60 inches high
FEUDAL BARONS: 36 inches wide x 45 inches high
OTHER CHIEFS: 33 inches wide x 42 inches high
CHIEFTAINS: 30 inches wide x 36 inches high