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 The Baronage of Scotland 


Pipe Banners

Pipe Banners are normally designed to hang down from the drone so that the 'hoist' (a term appropriate to flags and used to describe the edge of a flag nearest the flagpole) is at the top and the 'fly' (the opposite edge to the hoist) below.

They are generally made of silk, finely embroidered with silk or metal thread and fringed with the livery colours of the arms. Their size is normally 12 x 18 inches.

Unlike most other flags a pipe banner has two distinct sides, the 'obverse' and 'reverse'. To display the banner to advantage when pipers are playing at table they should start in a clockwise direction (the pagan ritual of turning with the sun) displaying the obverse to those sitting in the centre. They will later change direction to display the reverse.

Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, as Lord Lyon, specified that the arms as displayed on the 'shield' spread across the entire surface of the banner in the same manner as the flying banner.