The Convention of  

 The Baronage of Scotland 


The Pinsel

The pinsel is a triangular heraldic flag, 4ft 6in X 2ft, on which is embroidered or painted the crest-badge in its belt and buckle, with motto. The baronís title encircles the crest-badge and his chapeau is placed over the name, with the pinsel also showing his plant badge in the hoist and usually the slogan as well. This flag is particularly distinctive because it has traditionally been granted only to Chiefs or very special Chieftain-barons. Full chiefs have a gold buckle as shown here (the gold buckle on a pinsel is the only heraldic device that demonstrates that the owner is a full 'three feather' chief). It is used to show that the holder has a commission from the chief to act in his name and was used by a commander in the chief's absence.

Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Lord Lyon, noted: "This flag is used by a chiefís local commander exercising his authority in his chiefís absence," for example at a Highland gathering, which would suggest that its most practical use is by those with a clan following.

Auchmacoy pinsel

Shown here is the pinsel of Captain David Buchan of Auchmacoy.