The Convention of  

 The Baronage of Scotland 


The Helmet

When new arms are granted, or upon matriculation of existing arms to take note of the inheritance or new ownership of a barony, the helmet shows the baron’s tournament rank - either a feudal steel baronial helmet with vertical bars or a great tilting helm garnished with gold. This may be shown affronté.

A compartment has occasionally been granted to barons, representing their territories, even in cases where there are no supporters.

SOVEREIGN:   A gold helm with grilles, shown full face.

PEERS:A silver helm garnished with gold and with gold grilles (usually five).

KNIGHTS & BARONETS: A steel helm garnished in gold with an open visor and no grill. Alternatively a tilting helm may be used.

FEUDAL BARONS:A steel tilting helm garnished in gold (occasionally a steel helm garnished in gold with one or three grilles).

ESQUIRES:A steel pot helm garnished in gold, or a helm with a closed visor.

GENTLEMEN:An ungarnished steel pot helm or helm with closed visor.